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Drilling equipment

The drilling equipment that we supply is designed for drilling wells of various types and sizes. This equipment is complex consisting of different machines and mechanisms produced for the oil and gas industry.

Each item is a great combination of quality, reliability and reasonable price. It will serve you for the most efficient work process, regardless of the operating conditions. We work closely with science and technology experts, enabling us to propose you only the best offers on the market, which are created with the use of innovative technologies. We can supply you with the largest range of drilling equipment from small rigs to self-propelled drilling rigs.

«Welltrading» LLC delivers only the highest quality products. We strive for turning our knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry into your key to success in this area. We hope to make it the main advantage of our future cooperation. Design and installation department of «Welltrading» will gladly perform a full range of services ranging from technical audit to the production and installation of equipment with its further service.


Stationary drilling rigs


Mobile drilling rigs

Driven rotary table

Offshore drilling rigs


Oilwell (cementing) complex


Hydraulic fracturing complex

Two string drilling links

Nitrogen complex (gas holders)

Drill pipes

Residential drilling complex


Mud Pumps

Drill collars

Capacity cleaning equipment

Coiled tubing

Derrick base


Pressure discharge manifolds

Tool joints for drilling prospecting pipes

Throttle and shut-off equipment

Tool joints for drilling pipes

Shale shakers

Tool joints for light weight-alloy drill pipes

Silt master unit

Drilling bits

Clay mixer


Drilling mud degasser


Our company can provide the whole range of equipment size series forefficient and stable operation of your business. If you can’t find the name of equipment you need, or you want to specify the availability of the models needed – give us a call or fill in the form for feedback. Our experts will promptly process your request and will contact you for giving a consultation and for choosingthe optimal solution.

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