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Oil and gas equipment

This category of products includes all the equipment, which is necessary for stable and efficient operation of the enterprises that extract and manufacture oil and gas products. It can include a large variety of devices. Oil and gas equipment delivered by «Welltrading» Company has been successfully installed and works reliably in large oil and gas companies worldwide. Our regular customers associate our products only with the highest quality and durability.

«Welltrading» specialists as no one else know that the quality of the technique usedis always a priorityfor industrial enterprises that are engaged in oil and gas production, because it affects not only the durability of equipment, but also the safety! All the equipment we provide is in strictcompliance with all certification systems in our country and abroad. Each unit of our equipment has all the necessary permissions to apply and certificates of compliance. The oil and gas equipment is manufactured only from high quality metals whicharesubjected to various treatments and tests after being produced.


Blowout prevention equipment

Test tool complexes

Ram-type blowout preventer


Universal blowout preventer

Rotary tongs for drill pipe

Blowout preventer remote control panels

Universal rotary tongs

Choke and kill manifolds

Manual tongs for drill pipe

Choke and kill manifolds

Overhead springs

Hook blocks

Automatic tongs for underground repair

Traveling block

Hydraulic tongs

Crown block

Milling cutters (cutters)

Pumping units

Reamer mills

Gear assemblies

Tubing catchers

Well pumps

Pipe slips

Rod coupling

Rod catchers

Locking shoes

Taper taps

Wellhead rod rotator

Bell jars


Our company can provide the whole range of equipment size series forefficient and stable operation of your business. If you can’t find the name of equipment you need, or you want to specify the availability of the models needed – give us a call or fill in the form for feedback. Our experts will promptly process your request and will contact you for giving a consultation and for choosingthe optimal solution.

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