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«Welltrading» LLC will help you create the most productive environment for enterprise organization in the oil and gas industry. Starting from hydraulic jacks and finishing with coach-houses and automatic devices for road closure – all thiscan be suppliedto you by our company. We work only with the best manufacturers around the world and guarantee the quality of products supplied to the buyer.

«Welltrading» Company works in this field for over 15 years, which allowed to obtain a large sales market and the recognition of the world’s leading oil and gas industry companies. Products and equipment that our company produces and supplies, is certified in the strict compliance with the international safety and quality standards. Buying equipment in our company you can be assured of timely delivery and quality of the goods. We work closely with the scientific and technical institutions, in order to offer customers innovative technologies for increasing the productivity of oil and gasextraction and processing. Modern developmentsfrom leading research institutes are constantly being introduced into our production process, which gives us a lot of advantages over other companies.


Our company can provide the whole range of equipment size series forefficient and stable operation of your business. If you can’t find the name of equipment you need, or you want to specify the availability of the models needed – give us a call or fill in the form for feedback. Our experts will promptly process your request and will contact you for giving a consultation and for choosingthe optimal solution.

Hydraulic jacks

Frontal load-lifts

Heat exchangers

Mobile housing units

Steel gas cylinders

Cable presses

Welded steel structures

Cable suspenders

Traverses and earth wire supports


Intermediate supports

Automatic devices for road closure

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