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Reagents for drilling fluids

Drilling reagents play one of the most priority roles in the efficiency and productivity of oil and gas wells. The composition of these reagents directly affects the security and accident-free process of development wells. Drilling fluids significantly accelerate and facilitate the drilling process. These substances are very important for the process of removing debristhat accumulates inside the well. Transporting rock to the surface, maintaining the necessary pressure on the reservoir rock, creating filter cake, protection toolsagainst wear of– all these objectives can be achieved by using high quality reagents.

«Welltrading» Company supplies its customers with the highest quality products, which are certified and manufactured according to international standards of quality and safety. Our company cooperates with the science and technology institutes, and on a permanent basis applies new technical developments in its production, which provides a great advantage over the competitors and gives the possibility of long-term and mutually beneficial relations. Working with us, you will obtain the most effective methods to achieve the desired results.


Reagents for drilling fluids:

Polyester-based foam killers:

Xanthan gum

Foam killer ПЭС-1, Пэнта 465

Fluid loss reducer

Mud shaleswellinginhibitors:

Filtrate reducer

Solid calcium chloride, 90%

Polyanionic cellulose


Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

Technical potassiumhydroxide



Weightening substances:


Barite concentrate


Lignin-alkaline reagent

Marble aggregate

Polyacrylamides and derivatives:

Technical particulate chalk

Hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile (drilling mud filtration control agent)

Portland cements


Biopolymer reagent АСГ-1, АСГ-2

Viscosity controllers:

Structured powdered buffer material

Methylene phosphoric acid

Powdered buffer washing material


SuspensionМКМ, methacryl 14


Caustic sodaм. ТР

Water-repellent agents:

Soda ash

Silicone liquid for rendering water-repellent 11-H

Potassium chloride 98%

Reagents for oil recovery increase (stabilizers):

Polyvinyl alcoholВ-1Н

Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose 85/500 (for drilling fluids)

Sodium tripolyphosphate

Fluid loss reducing agents for drilling mud:

Flocculation aid АК-631

Emulsifiers, foaming agents:

Foam killer

>Black lead lubrication

Aluminiumvitriolic (coagulant)

Bentoniticmud powder

Inhibited hydrochloric acid

Carboxymethyl amylum

Sulphuretedcod-liver oil

Lubricant additives:

Bentoniticmud powder

Sodium bichromate


Crystalline graphite for foundry purposes-1

Bentoniticmud powders:

Biopolymer reagent

Biopolymer reagent АСГ-1, АСГ-2

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