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Oil and gas industry requires the usage of special equipment. On the stages of transportation the equipment for the production of various kinds of systems and mechanisms and the equipment for processing of produced products are usually being delivered. Except the transportationstage, the industry needs special equipment during installation and development of systems for the oil and gas production. Laying the pipeline, transportation and lifting overall details, transportingballoons of different volumes, repairing equipment that is out of order – these problems, of course, require the most reliable and efficient solutions. «Welltrading» LLC will surely provide you with such solutions.

Thanks to our experience and innovative methods of work, we are able to deliver only high-quality equipment. Our company is constantly searching for new and alternative solutions to provide the customer with the best offer and to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. Semitrailers, tanker trucks, cranes, inserting machines and pipelayers from the best worldmanufacturers —all this can be provided for you by our company at the best prices.


Our company can provide the whole range of equipment size series forefficient and stable operation of your business. If you can’t find the name of equipment you need, or you want to specify the availability of the models needed – give us a call or fill in the form for feedback. Our experts will promptly process your request and will contact you for giving a consultation and for choosingthe optimal solution.

Lifting winches

Semitrailer mixer trucks

Pumping sets


Cementing units

Semitrailer Tank-cars

Well exploration unit

Tank trucks for liquefied gas

Downhole work units

Vehicles for gas balloons’ transportation

Assembly cranes

Repair trucks

Pipe layers

Stalk trucks

Mobile steam units

Punch semitrailers

Dewaxing units

Automobile semitrailers

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